We have an app!

I’m more than happy to announce we have an app on Amazon Fire TV! If you have an Amazon Fire enabled TV or you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you can watch the Pulp Cereal app on your TV! After you download the app you can always leave a review up to 5 stars. I will never pressure anyone to write a review, but any positive reviews will be much appreciated. It honestly does let Amazon know that people enjoy the app and helps me get noticed by more people. Any help I can get is more than welcome.

Sorry for such a short post. Just wanted to make sure y’all knew about the new channel. There are many more surprises to come over the course of the summer. You can either check in here to find out what’s in store or you can follow me on social media. As always, thank you for your continued support and a huge thanks for stopping by the site!

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