April Serials


We have a smaller slate of films and serials this month. In previous months we’ve had multiple serials, multiple features, or even a mix of both. But this month is going to be a little different. I originally planned for this month to be Tarzan month. Which it still technically is. Just to a lesser extent. I have two serials and several movies in my possession. The plan was to do a month or even a month and a half of just Tarzan, but then I started previewing all of the material beforehand. And it turns out that a lot of Tarzan movies are straight up trash. Like not even entertaining trash, but just trash. When it isn’t even entertaining to me that’s a problem. Despite this, we do have some Tarzan content for you this month. Including a first for the site.

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Tarzan’s Revenge (1938)

First off, we have our one and only feature film this month. Tarzan’s Revenge, a film produced by 20th Century Fox. Right off the bat, it comes with a certain level of nostalgia for me. This is definitely the best Tarzan feature I have. Like other adaptations, Tarzan actually isn’t in it a whole lot. It focuses way more on a group of people traveling to the jungle on a mission to capture animals to bring back home with them. Tarzan only shows up now and again with his chimpanzee, comedy relief, side kick. You can start watching this one right now. Tarzan’s Revenge

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Tarzan The Tiger (1929)

Tarzan The Tiger is the oldest serial I’ve featured on the site so far and the very first silent film serial that I’ve distributed. The odd thing about this one though is the fact that it was thought to be lost at one point. It was found years later, but after it was found certain sound effects were added to it. As you’re watching, every once in a while there will be the sound of an animal, the wind, or Tarzan’s yell. It’s a little off-putting at first, but the story is engrossing enough that it is easy to forget about. The first three chapters are available now and four chapters will be added to the site every week for the rest of the month. You can watch the first three chapters here: Tarzan The Tiger


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