March Serials

I’m Glad to say that March is going to be the second month where we feature masked heroes on the site. Including some of my favorite heroes and adaptions that we’ve had to date. We’ll be showcasing a serial, two tv pilots, and two feature films all in one month. Let’s jump in and see what we have in store for masked heroes month #2!

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The Shadow Pilot #1

First up we have the first attempt at a tv show featuring my favorite masked hero, The Shadow. This is a 30 minute pilot from 1954 known as Case of the Cotton Kimono. Since there is only the pilot available we have some more wonderful content for you this week. We also have the first three chapters of Zorro’s Black Whip. When Zorro dies in the first chapter Linda Stirling has put on the uniform and kick some ass as the Black Whip! This will all be available Saturday, March 9th.

The Shadow Pilot #2

The following week we have yet another pilot featuring the criminologist Lamont Cranston as The Shadow. This is a one hour pilot this time around. The special effects have greatly improved over the last pilot, but Margot Lane is nowhere to be found and her presence is very much missed. Alongside that, we have the next three chapters of Zorro’s Black Whip. You can watch all of this on Saturday, March 16th.

The Shadow Strikes

We have yet another adaptation of The Shadow for the third week of masked heroes month. This time it is a feature film that predated the tv pilots by two decades. The 1937 film starring Rod La Rocque, The Shadow Strikes. And of course, we have three more chapters of Linda Stirling as the Black Whip. This will be available to watch Saturday, March 23rd.

The Shadow: International Crime

On the final week of March, we have yet another film about The Shadow. Starring the same actor as the previous film and released one year later, we present The Shadow: International Crime. Along with this film will be the last three thrilling chapters of Zorro’s Black Whip. You can watch all that on Saturday, March 30th.

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