February Serials

This month is going to be a little different than past months have been. We only have three serials this month. The last three weeks of February will have serials like usual, but the first week will be a little different. All weeks will still revolve around a theme similar to previous months.

Serials Trailers

On Saturday, February 2nd we will have two more trailer compilations for you. First up we have a few trailers from some serials that we just had on the site. We have a compilation of trailers featuring the Zorro serials. Including Zorro Rides Again, Zorro’s Fighting Legion, and one serial we have in the future Zorro’s Black Whip. Along with those we also have a series of trailers from upcoming serials premiering this month. Our second compilation is dedicated to the Mascot serials of John Wayne.

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The Hurricane Express

The first John Wayne serial of the month is The Hurricane Express. Of course, Wayne is the lead in this one. He plays a pilot that goes after a mystery man that calls himself “The Wrecker” and who is responsible for the death of Wayne’s father. This one will be available to watch on Saturday, February 9th.

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The 3 Musketeers

The second serial of the month is an updated version of the classic story The 3 Musketeers. John Wayne yet again plays a pilot in this serial. The Musketeers are French Foreign Legion Soldiers in this adaptation. Instead of swords, they wield muskets. Get it? They’re Musketeers and they have muskets. Get it? This is the type of quality writing you should expect from a serial like this. You can see this serial up on the site on Saturday, February 16th.

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The Shadow of the Eagle

The final serial of the month is yet another serial where John Wayne plays a pilot. This is also the first role of his career. The plot revolves around a murder mystery that takes place at a carnival. You can watch the trailer for this serial along with The Hurricane Express on the first week of the month. You can catch this serial on the site on Saturday, February 23rd.



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