December Serials

Wordpress pic 20 The month of December will continue our theme months here at the site. As you can see from the picture above, this month will be Dick Tracy month. I know that we already do have a Dick Tracy film on the site,  but don’t let that fool you. We have plenty more for you to view this month. Even more so than in previous months.

Dick Tracy (1937)

On Saturday, December 1st we will be posting the Dick Tracy film serial from 1937 starring Ralph Byrd. You may remember Ralph Byrd from SOS Coastguard back in October. The 15 chapter serial was released by Republic Pictures and is one of my favorites of theirs. Chapter Select wordpress pic 19

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma (1947)

On Saturday, December 8th we will be posting another film starring Ralph Byrd released the same year as the previously posted Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome. We will also be posting two episodes of the Dick Tracy TV series along with it. Wordpress pic 11

Dick Tracy VS. Cueball (1946)

On Saturday, December 15th we will be posting yet another Dick Tracy film, but this one is a little different. This time around Dick Tracy will be played by Morgan Conway instead of Ralph Byrd. You don’t have to miss MR. Byrd for too long because there will be yet another two episodes of the TV series posted alongside the film.

Dick Tracy, Detective (1945)

On Saturday, December 22nd we’ll be posting the final Dick Tracy film that we have. This film is also starring Morgan Conway. Along with the last two episodes of the Dick Tracy TV series.

December 29th

The 29th of Saturday will be an off week due to it being sandwiched in between two holidays, but there will be a special treat on Christmas day.

December 25th

Like I stated right above this sentence there will be a special treat on Christmas day. I have an hour-long block of Republic Pictures film serial trailers in my possession. Some of these trailers are for serials that I have already posted, some of them are ones that I will post in the future, and some are for ones that I can’t post due to copyright. Such as The Adventures of Captain Marvel and The Tiger Woman which are under copyright, yet the trailers are in the public domain. It is a wonderful block of trailers that will be the most fun if watched with a group of people. Which makes it perfect for Christmas day.

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