November Serials

The month of November will continue our theme months with Gang Busters month. You’re used to filling your gut with turkey in November. They’re going to fill it with lead.

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Gang Busters Serial (1942)

On Saturday, November 3rd we’ll be posting surprisingly the only films serial in this franchise from 1942. This serial was said to be popular yet Universal never put out any sequels to it in the following years. This is one of my favorite serials and I’m glad I get to share it with others. I do wish they made more than one of these though. Episode Select

Gang Busters TV Program (1952)

On Saturday, November 10th we’ll post the short-lived Gang Busters tv show that ran in 1952. You can say that this is a sequel to the film serial from ten years earlier, but I wouldn’t. This is definitely more of a reboot to the franchise. Episode Select

Gang Busters Films

On Saturday, November 17th we’ll post the two Gang Busters films. These were not feature films. They are TV movies made up from episodes of the TV show. These films aired in 1955 and 1957 respectively.

1955 Movie

1957 Movie

Thanksgiving Week

The week of Thanksgiving will be an off week. There will be no articles or large amounts of videos posted. During this week we’ll be posting three episodes of Front Page Detective to go with the theme of Gang Busters month. Along with creating a lighter load for uploading and posting due to the holiday week. The same will be done during the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well. Front Page Detective Episodes

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