October Serials

Going forward every month is going to have a theme. Since we are now in the month of October we will be celebrating the career of horror icon Bela Lugosi. For the first three Saturdays of this month, I will post a different serial starring Bela Lugosi.

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We will be starting with the horror-themed serial The Phantom Creeps. Where Lugosi Plays a mad scientist trying to take over the world. Of course. But will two FBI agents and a nosey female reporter be able to stop him? That will be available to view on Saturday, October 6th. Episode Select

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Next, we will have the action-packed SOS Coastguard. Where Lugosi plays yet another mad scientist. This time he is trying to sell a super weapon and he can succeed if those medaling coast guards would stop interfering. You can tell that he is the villain in both of these serials due to his evil beard worn in both. This will be available to view Saturday, October 13. Episode Select

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The third serial that we have on tap for October is The Return of Chandu. You can tell that he plays the hero in this story due to the fact that he has no beard. In this serial Lugosi plays the title character, A magician/hero/heartthrob, trying to protect a beautiful Egyptian princess from the clutches of the evil villains. This will be available to view Saturday, October 20th. Episode Select

The fourth week of October is a bit of a toss-up at the moment. I do have Shadow of Chinatown in my possession, but that one is in very poor condition and is almost unwatchable. What will most likely take its place is a Dick Tracy movie co-starring Boris Karloff called Dick Tracy vs Gruesome. Look for that on Saturday, October 27. Watch Here

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