What the Hell is Pulp and Why Should I Care?


Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. First off, before I get into the meat and potatoes of this article I want to explain something. I did not grow up in the Pulp Era or witness any of this first hand. This is simply a brief explanation for those who think Pulp Fiction is just the name of a movie they like. If you want a more detailed retelling of pulp history, then I would suggest reading these two books linked below this paragraph. They are written by people who have much more experience in this time period than I do. I simply want to champion these works due to my love for them that has grown over the years.

How to Write Pulp Fiction

Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes

Back in the early 1900s, there was a new genre of writing called Pulp Fiction. This genre of literature was known for having cover art and writing as cheap as the paper it was printed on. Pulp paper wasn’t famous for being high in quality. In fact, after a certain amount of time, it was known to disintegrate. Which made them perfect for low-cost dime novels and magazines, named for the price you paid for them. They were also so thrifty that these books weren’t hardcovers, unlike other publications at the time. Dime novels were the first books to be written in the paperback format.

There were many precedences set by writers and publishers of pulp novels. Pulp writers were the first to write stories about the old west. They were the first to popularize masked heroes. Along with creating classic characters that we still use today. Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, Conan The Barbarian, etc. Many pulp characters and stories have also gone on to inspire works of fiction that you hold dear to your heart. Without pulp, you wouldn’t have  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, or many, many other fictional characters. Trust me. Along with all the genre tropes, character types, and cliches that you didn’t even know came from pulps. Before James Bond had “Bond Girls” pulps had femme fatales. Don’t even get me started on how pulp Detective stories evolved into Film Noir. 

Since its inception, pulp fiction has been seen as “trash writing for poor people”. Even when you Google pulp today you get a definition like this “popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.” As well as words like this “trashy, cheap, lurid, tasteless, and tacky”. Part of the reason I created this website was to help elevate this content. Hopefully, bring it to new eyes that can see it for what it truly is and not just as trash that they are above. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy all the pulp content and finally give it the respect it rightfully deserves.

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